Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Made It & You Know You're A Teacher When linky...

Hi friends, it's me again!!,
I had a great time with my in laws who were down from Connecticut & they left earlier today. I just couldn't miss a Monday Made It with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics, so I put together something that I wanted to make for my classroom.
Last week, I bought these fans. I printed out a pirate boy or girl to glue on each one to hang above each table in my classroom. It's a no-frills project, but it's another thing off the to-do list! :)
Here it is...

On another note, I saw this linky from one of my favorite gals, Tanya Dwyer, from A+ Firsties and knew that I had to link up!
I must warn you that I could go on for hours about this.
You Might Be A Teacher If...
1. The entire wall of your home office looks like this during the summer (pleasssee don't judge- it's coming to school with me tomorrow!):

2. The overflow makes it's way to your dining room (again, pleassee don't judge LOL!)

3. You might as well hand your summer paychecks over to Target and the Dollar Tree.

4. When you have 100 items on your Teachers Pay Teachers wishlist- I promise, this is NOT an exaggeration! :)

5. When you are sneaking behind your husband's back to buy cute items for the new school year. I guess what he doesn't know won't hurt him! ;)

6. When you are addicted to Pinterest projects and blogging all summer long! Show of hands, please?

7. When you can't wait for the new school year to start again!!! :)
Come and link up with sweet Tanya over at A+ Firsties and share your ideas for "You Might Be a Teacher If..."
Until the next time!,


  1. O gosh!! That's what our office looks like too but unfortunately it is not just school stuff but also scrapbook paper, and crafting pieces, spools of ribbon unraveled, etc. O gosh I need to get it cleaned up!
    BakingCraftingTeaching Oh My!

  2. Yep I'm addicted to Pinterest.
    I have a really long wishlist on TPT.
    I have been informed by my husband to avoid Target.

    Diving Into Learning

  3. yep, Your list sounds like how mine would be.
    The fans came out cute.

    Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

  4. I love your signs...they are so gosh darn cute! I wish that I was allowed to hang things from my ceiling :(
    Yup...I can totally relate to all of your "You know you're a teacher when..." My dining room looks like my home office which looks pretty much exactly like yours. hubster has a garage and lots of tool thingies... lol

    Here is the link for vista print-thanks for your comment on my blog! Just copy it and paste it into the address bar. I tried it out and it works.


  5. Aw they turned out cute! I was actually at Hobby Lobby today looking at scrapbooking paper and saw a super cute pirate printed one, equip with sharks too! Totally made me think of your theme!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  6. I love your fans! Super cute! My list would be the same as yours. The Hubs in on vacation this week so not sure I'll get much done for school.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  7. Oh wow - your "You Know You're a Teacher When...." list is perfect. It sounds just like me, so it must be spot on!! Your blog is too cute & I love your fans.:)

    First Grade Fairytales

  8. I raised my hand on all of them!!!!
    Your fans are adorable.
    Michelle @ Smitten With First

  9. Loved all your projects! Those fans are too cute! I am thinking I need to look for some at the party store if I make it in there before school starts! Thanks for dropping by and for the sweet comment...:)

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  10. Yep, I've got my teacher stuff in piles at my house too!! :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  11. The fans are awesome! :) love your projects,

  12. Love the fans!! I can totally relate with items for school all over the house.


  13. I'm pretty sure our home office looks just like yours... with all my teacher stuff on the floor!!

    Lacy's Letters

  14. I like your pirate mobiles!
    Oh yes ... I can definitely relate to the being addicted to the computer over the summer.
    You get summer paycheques?!? We only get paid from September to June (B.C.)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  15. Oh no!!!! #5 SOOOOOOO describes me!!!! Good thing our hubbies don't read our blogs!!


    First Grade Fascination

  16. Your pirates are so cute! And, I love your list. My dining room has definitely taken a hit this summer!! :)


  17. I LOVE your pirate fans... so adorable.

    I am so glad to know that someone else has let school projects take over their house.

  18. Did you sneak in my office and take that picture? LOL

    The Resourceful Apple

  19. Are you a FSU grad? If so, me too!! Spring 2009!


    1. Yay! Go Noles!!! I graduated Fall of 2004!! :)

  20. I'm so relieved to know I'm not alone... I certainly don't remember bringing all that stuff home! Where EXACTLY could it have come from, lol???? AND where'd you find those awesome fans? {more stuff, lol} *LOVE* Thanks for linking up! You're so much fun!

    A+ Firsties

  21. This all sounds far too familiar!!!!!!!!

  22. This all sounds far too familiar!!!!!!!!

  23. Yep - you pretty much just summed me up! For a minute there I thought you were talking about me!

  24. I agree with all of your items for you might be a teacher if! Except instead of my dining room holding the overflow, it's my living room!

    A Turn to Learn

  25. I love all your pirate themed stuff!! I am thinking about doing it next year!!!

  26. LOVE your seat crates!! (Oh and my wish list is getting up there too---any suggestions on how to hide that one from my hubby?)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  27. I have over 80 things on my TPT wishlist too! Glad to know I'm not the only one!! lol...

    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  28. I love the fans!! Super cute!! I just became your 700th follower.......pretty cool!!! I would love for you to check out my blog at

  29. You are right. What my husband doesn't know won't hurt him!

    Kinder Journey