Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of the Year Gift & Awards Ideas with a little freebie for you!

Happy Summer!!!

I am officially on SUMMER VACATION!!!! Woooohooo!!! Now I can focus on blogging, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Candy Crush. That should keep me entertained this summer!!

Today I'm back to share my end of the year gift ideas with you! I'm linking this up with Ashley at Flying High in First Grade and Mel at Seusstastic!

I have seen so many cute ideas out there for end of the year gifts. It was so hard to just pick one, so thanks to my favorite store, The Dollar Tree (which I'm sure every teacher out there loves just as much as I do!), I decided to make a bucket full of summer fun & learning. After a BIG trip to the Dollar Tree, this is what I had in tow...

I think my favorite are the sparkly sand buckets!!! Glitter makes everything prettier!! Thank goodness the hubs didn't ask any questions about how much I spent!! I think he is totally used to it by now! ;-)

Included in my buckets are a set of dice, some dice games that I found as freebies on TPT from Denise at Sunny Days in Second and Courtney from Swimming Into Second (click HERE and HERE to see the specific games I used). I also put a swirly straw, drink, unfrozen ice pops, a piece of sidewalk chalk, pencil, eraser, and an envelope with my address so they can write me a letter over the summer. I also put a lollipop in there just because. :-)

Here is a freebie for you! These are the tags that I put on my buckets!! Feel free to use or save for next year. Click on the picture to download from TPT.

I also had my awards ceremony last Friday! Tear... yes I cried. I get so overwhelmed with all of the memories and emotions of the year. First we do a slideshow of pictures from the year. This is usually where I begin to tear up!

Next, we do the candy awards! Each student receives a yummy award!! My kids LOVE this!!!

 We had a wonderful end of the year together!! Have a great summer! Here's one last shot of us jumping for joy when the bell rang!!!

See ya soon my friends!!!


  1. Glitter buckets? I didn't know those existed! Too cool! I'm sure your students will miss you as must as you will miss them. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  2. Happy summer!!!

    I just noticed you are from Florida :) I am going out there next week. We are going to Miami for a couple of days then renting a car and going to St. Petersburg. Hoping the weather gets better before we arrive!

  3. I feel like our brains are connected! Last week was our last day of school. I totally did the candy awards and the glitter buckets for student gifts! (I couldn't used your labels, though!) Have a great summer!

    Miss Ice
    4th Grade Sprinkles

  4. Dollar tree has glittery sand buckets?? Oh!! I gotta go get some of those. Love your bucket of fun idea and the last picture before summer!

    I MOVED! Check out my new site:
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  5. Love it Lisa! Looks like such an adorable packet for end of year!

  6. I love those buckets! What an awesome idea & I'm sure the kids loved them! :)

    Sliding into First!