Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently June!!

Hello Peeps--
It's time for Currently June! Can I get a what, what?!?!? I have 2 more glorious days of school and then I am D-O-N-E!!! (well technically 3 if you count my 1 postplanning day on Wednesday). Then the alarm can go off, the flip flops can go on, and some much needed R & R can begin. The end of the year craziness explains my prolonged absence from blogging, but I plan on being back in full swing this summer.

Okey dokey, here's my Currently for June- linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Holla for summer vacation!!! Have I said that already?!? I look forward to spending some much needed family time with my daughter and getting a lot of rest & relaxation!
My 3 vacation essentials:
1. My iPhone- This is a given wherever I go! Between Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, I don't know what I would do without it. If I'm not using it, my daughter is!
2. A bathing suit- I usually only vacation in places where there is water, so where there is water, there must be a bathing suit. I probably look like a beach whale in my bathing suit right about now being 5 months pregnant, but it's worth it!
3. Cute sundresses- Buying cute sundresses is a MUST when I go on vacation. A girl's gotta look cute when she goes out and about right?!?
How many more days until summer vacation for you? Are you off already?!?


  1. Hiring someone to clean the classroom is a fantastic idea. Although I do put my students to work-and I pay them in it is almost like free labor. :)

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I would love to hire someone to clean my classroom too! Happy Anniversary!!

    My Crazy Life

  3. Hi Lisa, I'm a Florida Blogger too! I still have 4 days with the kids and a post-planning day, it feels like Summer School! I am heading to the beach tomorrow for a summer vacation practice day. It is my daughter's annual Birthday Beach Bash!

  4. I've been wanting a summer dress, too--preferably a maxi dress!

    Mary Kate
    Windy City Learning

  5. Girl...when you hire that person...send me the digits! I need them in my room too! :/ know the stage I'm at with it...the part where it looks BAD before it looks GOOD? So. Not. Fun.
    We're done on Wednesday with the kiddos, but...we'll stay through Friday! By this time next week...I'm as free as a bird! :)
    This weekend is going to be AWESOME!!! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  6. Happy anniversary! 2 more weeks for me, but they're jam packed with end of the year craziness!

    Success in Second Grade

  7. I think you have a pretty good reason to be so tired right now! Happy anniversary to you!
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. Hi, Lisa! Your currently sounds great...are there really people out there who would come and clean classrooms (other than the hired custodial staff, who, quite frankly NEVER cleans mine)? Do you think they'd pack it up, too?? If you find anyone who will, would you send them to KS after they're done with your room:) Enjoy your summer!

  9. Hi Lisa - Enjoy your vacation and rest well. Happy Anniversary:) I've got 15 days left - can't wait!

  10. I definitely need to hire someone to clean my room too! Great idea! LOL! Maybe my older kiddos will volunteer?