Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Teach Wednesday...Warning Picture Overload!!!

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends!,

It's Wednesday already!?! I have been so busy with my cute firsties that the week is flying by fast!! I'm back to link up with several people & share some classroom pictures!!

Courtney from Swimming Into Second

Kelly from Beg, Borrow, Steal

and now TBA's Open House Week...
Open House Week
I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share my classroom pictures with you, so here we go. Enjoy the scenic ride!
First is an overall picture of my classroom!! I am just beyond thrilled with how it turned out!!!:

For some closer up pictures, here is my word wall!! I covered it in white paper & layered black border with sparkly red border. :)
Next if you move to the left of the word wall, you will run into my 1 and only bulletin board (yes I only have 1 bulletin board which can be a challenge)...
I purchased Katie Mense's pirate alphabet. I love it!!! 
Next is an adjoining door to my teaching neighbor & teammate. I found a printable for that door saying that you've probably seen all over Pinterest!
Remember how I was saying that I only have 1 bulletin board? This is how I solved that problem this year!:::
I have a chalkboard/whiteboard combo, so I covered the chalkboard with white paper since I never used it & I'm using it as my rules and objectives board! :)

If you continue to turn to the left, there are my classroom rules & rewards hanging on netting.
To the left of this is my bathroom. I decorated it with pirate decals that I found on clearance at Michael's last year!

Continuing to the left, you will see my pirate birthday display hanging from the upper wall.

Next is my pride and Deanna Jump inspired palm tree. I love this tree. I have received so many compliments on it!!
Last is another bulletin board that I created out of fabric due to my lack of BB space. This is where I put up pictures of my students at the beginning of the year!
Below it are all of my class pictures since I've started teaching. It reminds me of all of the children that I've crossed paths with in my teaching career & how lucky I've been to had the pleasure to be their teacher. I just had an old student look at her 1st grade class picture the other day. She was in my first class of students she is going to be a FRESHMAN in high school!!! Yeah, I felt a little old after that. I have her little brother in my class this year & I can remember when mom was pregnant with him. It goes to show you how time flies!!

Well that's about it for today!! I hope you enjoyed my crazy classroom tour! See you tomorrow for more teacher week fun!
Have a great evening!!,


  1. Looks great! I love the pirate alphabet banner.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  2. Your room is fabulous. Love all the pirate details.

  3. Your room is adorable! I can't believe you only have 1 bulletin board... I would die! You do a great job making it look like you have more though! :)
    Apples and ABC's

  4. Love the pirate theme! So cute! I bet your kiddos love it too. :)

    And, your palm tree is amazing! No wonder everyone loves it!


  5. So cool! Loved how you used the net as decor! Very cute room!

    A Pirates Life for Us