Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Upcoming TPT Sale, My "Before" Classroom Pics, and Helping A Blogger Friend!!

Happy Tuesday Friends,

First off, it's time for a sale!! A back to school sale!!!
Teachers Pay Teachers is having a big back to school sale on August 12th and 13th!!
BTS 12 250x125
I will be marking everything in my TPT store 20% off. With the above code BTS12, you can save up to 28% off!! You don't want to miss out! Happy Shopping! Here are some of my products in my TPT store:

Plus I am working on a few more goodies that I hope to have uploaded by then!

As you know, I've been trying to work in my classroom. I've had my 3 year old with me everyday, so the progress is very slow lol. It seems if I get something done, she gives me more classroom projects to do by making a mess. Here are some before pictures of my classroom:
* I warn you, the following pictures are a little scary. Please pardon the mess!!
This is the entrance to my classroom. There is my pride and joy...my Deanna Jump inspired palm tree. In the bottom corner is my other pride and joy...my daughter & of course she is making a mess! :)

That is a picture of my word wall. I'm planning on redoing it for the year!

This is the back of my classroom. On the top wall is my birthday posters. These are getting switched out with a better birthday display.
This is my tiny computer area. On the wall, I have my classroom jobs & rules posted.

I'm not that messy!! I'm trying to flatten out some of my banners on the floor LOL.
I am in love with this bulletin board that I put together!! I really need a new phone because this picture doesn't do my bulletin board any justice. I was so excited with how awesome this came out!!
Stay tuned for the after pictures!! I promise it won't disappoint! I'm planning a total OVERHAUL of my classroom & I can't wait for you to see it!

Also, my friend Tonya over at Tonya's Treats for Teachers is getting so close to 500 followers!

When she gets there, she is having a HUGE giveaway. If you don't follow her yet, head on over there. She has excellent ideas and tips for teachers!! :)

That's all for today friends!! Have a terrific Tuesday! :)


  1. I cannot wait to see your room once its all put together :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Love Love Love your pics. I'm excited for my banner.

  3. I can relate to having a special helper, only mine is almost 18 months old. I feel like sometimes it takes me twice as long to get anything accomplished with her as it does without her :)
    Stories by Storie

  4. Lookin good:) Thanks for the shout out and a reminder about having a TPT sale:)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  5. I tall looks so great!!!!!
    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  6. Your palm tree looks terrific! I like your banner on your bulletin board too!

  7. The banner and the palm tree look great! Good luck on getting it all put together.
    The Idea Backpack

  8. I can't wait to see your finished classroom!! I also had little helpers/mess-makers with me today, and one threw up all over me!! Definitely ended my day a lot faster than I would have liked:) I was just sitting here thinking about how I need to make desk tags for my classroom, but now I see you have some!!! SO CUTE! I'll definitely be buying!

    stickers and staples

  9. Your room is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see it all done and ready to go. My little helpers keep wanting to go with me to school but I would never get anything done and I'm down to crunch time.

    The Busy Busy Hive