Monday, April 29, 2013

Instagram Here I Come!!

Happy Monday Friends!,

I just got a sudden burst of energy!! Where it came from, I'll never know! I think it's because I've had all of this stuff on my plate (end of the year final reflections, paperwork galore, summer school submissions, planning my daughter's birthday party, etc, etc, etc) BUT it's all finally starting to fall into place.
I'm sure you have heard about the awesome linky party started by What the Teacher Wants and Apples and ABC's every Tuesday. If you haven't, here's the scoop...It's Teacher Talk Tuesday using Instagram!!

So here's what you'll do if you want to join in the fun:
1. If you have a blog, share your instagram username on your blog and use this image to tell your followers about #teachertalktuesday {just right click on the instagram button and click "save as"}. What the Teacher Wants and Apples and ABCs are hosting a linky party to kick off our "Teacher Talk Tuesday!"  Link up at the bottom of either of their pages: with a blog post, sharing this image,  your user name, and a couple of your favorite Instagram photos, if you want!
2. If you don't have a blog, PLEASE still join them on Instagram on Tuesday for #teachertalktuesday

I've been eyeing Instagram for a while, but had no clue how to use it. Now I'm ADDICTED!! If you have an instagram account, I would love if you would come and follow me on my account. Click on my username in blue to follow. My username is LearningIsSomethingToTreasure

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I'm so excited for tomorrow! Off I go to try and get some R & R for tonight. I'll see you back here tomorrow night for Teacher Talk Tuesday!!

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