Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween How-To Writings!! (Giveaway)

Happy Thursday Friends!!,

It's almost here...the sweet sound of F-R-I-D-A-Y!! I'm so excited about this weekend. I have a date with Zac Brown Band on Saturday!!
Okay, not a real date, but one where I stand afar gazing at them longingly. I'm headed to my 2nd Zac Brown Band concert. They were absolutely amazing when I saw them for the 1st time in February and jumped on the opportunity to see them again.
Can I let you in on a secret...I tend to procrastinate a little. Shocker?? I know...
A few days ago, I had this idea just POP into my head to create a Halloween How-To Writing Pack. I want to get my students writing in a way that they are enjoying themselves, so it's not like pulling teeth to get a few words out of them. Do you know what I mean?
We tried one of our how-to writings today: How to Make Frankenstein Pretty.
Immediately, my students cracked up and couldn't wait to get started. Here's what one of my lovelies produced:

It's interesting to read first grade handwriting, so just to clarify...First, I would put lipstick on him. Next, I would put blush on him. Last, I would put eyeshadow on him. Too funny!! I practically rolled on the floor laughing.
There are 10 how-to writings in my new Halloween How-To Writing Pack (some informational and some funny & imaginative).
Click HERE to check it out in my TPT store.

Here's the fun part: Since it's almost Halloween, the first person to leave a comment below guessing my favorite candy will win this pack!! Don't forget to leave your email!! See you tomorrow for Fabulous Blogger Friday!

Have a great evening!!,


  1. Anything Reese's? That is my lil sisters fav! She is obsessed! =]

    Teaching Joys

  2. I'm guessing anything chocolate?!?! :)

    This writing pack is adorable!


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I think it is snickers-but I'm biased because that is my favorite!!!HaHaHa!!
    Love your "How To" Pack!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  4. Twix- yum!

    Heather (

  5. I am going with Nerds...which used to be my favorite thing but only if they were sour. Later I discovered Sour Patch Kids, which are now my hands-down favorite. (Not any other kind of sour gummy, either, only those!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. Butterfingers!!!! :o)


  7. Candy corns? I can't eat too many, but the first 20 sure taste awesome.
    Katie :)
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  8. it butterfingers? Yum!

  9. I'll say Peanut M&Ms!

  10. I'm guessing Kit Kats!

  11. Hersheys with almonds?