Monday, May 14, 2012

Time to share and get some new followers!!

Wow! It has most definitely been a long time. I have still been around blog stalking and pinning, but have been going back and forth on what direction to take this blog in. I started off last summer making this blog into a classroom blog; however, I have decided that I want to pay it forward. There are so many teaching blogs out there that have given me inspiration, and I want to contribute to that, as well. I have decided to make this blog into a collaborative blog to share ideas with all of my bloggy friends out there!! So spread the word...there's a new blogger on the block!! Please send your fellow bloggers my way. I have an awesome giveaway up my sleeve if I can get the followers to do it. I'll give you a hint... it will help you stock up on some great TPT goodies for the beginning of next year! It's the least I can do for all that you have shared with me! I am very excited to have you along as I begin this new path into the blogging world.

Until the next time,

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