Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The 10 Things That I've Learned From Teaching, Christmas in July {LAST DAY}, & Freebie!

Happy Wednesday Friends!,
As I think back from the beginning of time when I started teaching many years ago, I realize I have learned so many valuable lessons about teaching and myself as a teacher. I love this linky party by Hadar from Miss Kindergarten so I'm linking up to tell you all about The 10 Things That I've Learned From Teaching:
1. Your name is no longer your name!
No matter how easy you think your name is to say, it will no longer be the name you are called. My name is Mrs. Richling, but to many I am known as Mrs. Rich-a-ling (rhymes with ding-a-ling). No matter how many times I correct my sweet littles, it still comes out the same. It's still Mrs. Rich-a-ling, so I just go with it!
Which brings me to my next lesson learned from teaching...flexibility
2. Be flexible
If ever there was a time to be flexible, it is while being a teacher. Nothing is predictable period. I have learned to go with the flow and enjoy those teachable moments even if you temporarily go off on a tangent. Those moments are the ones where your students learn the most.
3. Nobody ever prepares you for the true extent of teaching. From the outside, teaching looks like we spend 6 hours a day on the floor playing with our students. However, the amount of work it takes to be a teacher is tremendous. There are NEVER enough hours in the day!
4. No matter how many times you remind your students to wash their hands after using the bathroom, THEY ALWAYS FORGET!! It never fails... :-)
5. You don't realize that you have a "teacher voice" until you come home and your husband yells at you and says, "Don't talk to me like I'm one of your students!" LOL. This may have happened to me a few times! ;-)
6. Always come up with new and different ways to catch your students' attention! It keeps things interesting and really helps with classroom management!! Think about how bored we get doing the same thing over and over. They feel the same way!
7. Stay in a routine! We are creatures of routine. This is especially true when it comes to children. This will also make a huge impact on behavior management when it comes to your own classroom!
8. Make teaching educational, yet fun! If you aren't enjoying teaching it, then I can guarantee that your students aren't enjoying learning it! Integrate technology, use the many creative lessons that talented teachers make on Teachers Pay Teachers, or ideas you find on Pinterest. It will change the tide of your teaching. :-)
9. A Teacher's Job NEVER stops! We work after hours, nights, weekends, summers, etc... I can't tell you how many people say that we have it easy because we have the summers off. Most teachers that I know work on things for their classroom straight through the summer!
And most importantly #10...
Find a way to reignite your passion year after year for teaching! It is so easy to look that spark with all of the changes we endure, lack of pay/raises, and stress at school/home, but despite all of that, don't forget why you got into this profession. I received an email from a teacher who has just discovered blogs and said how much my blog, along with many others, has reignited that flame for teaching. I'm sure many of us feel that way from time to time. I know discovering the brilliant ideas of fellow teacher bloggers has reignited that passion for teaching within myself and I thank you for that! This describes my thoughts on teaching perfectly...
We are not in the easiest of professions, but remember how many lives you are changing day after day. Keep your heart full of love and understanding for these littles that we teach. :-)
Okay friends... It's the last day for Christmas in July: Day 6!!!
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  1. I get in trouble ALL the time for talking to my husband like he's a first grader! I really don't mean, too, though! And I agree...blogging has definitely made my teaching better!

    Teachery Tidbits

  2. Love your e-cards Lisa! LoL They are so true. I am forever talking in my teacher voice outside of the classroom. And I love being called "hey teacher" all through the year. LOL

    Just Wild About Teaching