Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!!

Happy Friday Friends, We've Made it AGAIN!!,
Well normally it would be a Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching, but it is on hiatus for the month of sad! :-( But there's a new linky here with none other than the fabulous Cara from The First Grade Parade. It's the Favorite Pins Friday!!
If you are a pinterest fanatic like I am, I would love if you could come and follow me. Click the link or see the right side of my blog and click to follow me on Pinterest. This is going to be a tough choice, because I have a ton of pins to sort through, but here we go!
Some of my FAVORITE teaching pins...
Have you seen this star student desk?!?! OMG...I am in L-O-V-E!! Now, where to find a desk like this? I am searching away!!
I feel a future Monday Made-It project with this cute classroom sign that I pinned!! I adore it!!
I saw this idea floating around last year, but was reminded how much I wanted to do this for classroom rewards. It's scratch off reward tickets- DIY from Simply 2nd Resources!
Simply 2nd Resources: Project of the Day (inspired by Pinterest)
As some of you may know, I have a pirate theme in my classroom. I go all out on it! I will have classroom pics on here once I get closer to back to school. I usually do little goody bags for meet the teacher, but these bags from Sailing Through First Grade are 10 times cuter than the ones I was doing. I can't wait to make these!!
Sailing Through 1st Grade: Pirate Booty for My Crew
My favorite baby pins...
As most of you know, in a few short months, I am expecting another little bundle of joy in my life. I am very excited to have pinterest to inspire me with cute baby ideas this time around! Here are a few of my favorite pins...
 Now, I'm having another little girl, so I can't get enough of all of the frilly cute clothes. Look at these shoes from Etsy!!
Too cute! <3
So stinkin' adorable! Enough said!!
I also love this idea to document all of the "firsts" that our baby will encounter!! This pin comes from Lily and Bliss.
And since I have a daughter who is already 4, I want her to feel included in this life changing event. I love this idea for big brothers or big sisters from Ducks in a Row:
Big Sibling Kits for When A New Baby Arrives- cute idea to make the sibling feel special too
Included were a big brother/sister t-shirt and activities to keep them busy while at the hospital or once the baby comes home! I am definitely making this for my little one!
Favorite food pins:
Along with being pregnant, my new favorite hobby has been eating lol. Here are some of my favorite food pins:
1. Mounds Brownies from What2Cook:
Recipe for Mounds Brownies - These Mounds Brownies taste just like the candy bar.
Say what?!?! Oh my heavenly!! I am definitely trying these while I have an excuse to!
2. Creamy Basil Chicken Tortellini
Creamy Basil Chicken Tortellini
I can't wait to try this because I love chicken and I love tortellini! It sounds absolutely delish!!
3. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from No. 2 Pencil:
Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?!? I can't resist these pancakes though. I love anything cinnamon. It'll be like a little slice of heaven!
Well those are a few of my favorite pins for today. Come and join me next Friday for some more of my favorite pins from different categories. :-)
Have a great weekend!,


  1. Yum love all the food pins and your little baby items are precious.

  2. LOVE that classroom sign. Just repinned it for myself! :) And cinnamon roll pancakes?!?! TO DIE!!
    You need to see my FSU pin! :)

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  3. Congratulations, I am now extremely hungry. Too bad I don't have any creamy basil tortellini for lunch *sad sigh* *pins recipe* *eats ramen noodles*
    I hope you will come check out my Friday Fav Pins. :)
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

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  5. I have made those pancakes and they are amazing! Love that chair and plan on adding those scratch off rewards to my collection this year.

    I Heart Teaching Elementary

  6. Such cute little leopard shoes! Great idea for a big brother/sister kit. I am so going to have to make those brownies... I wanted to have some milk to go with them just now. :0)

  7. The cinnamon roll pancakes sound delish! I'm going to have to check those out!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  8. That little desk is so cute! It somewhat matches a shelf and filing cabinet I also repinned (from the linky fav. pin blog). I also sent a photo of the chalkboard to my daughter. She recently used chalkboards like that in her wedding and I sent the idea to her for reusing her boards. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I saw desks like these not to long ago on Etsy. Maybe you should try there or Ebay is always a good place too! Found your blog through the linky! Always great to find new friends!

    From Blood to Books!