Saturday, September 20, 2014

Johnny Appleseed Traveling Party + Freebie

Hello my sweet blogger friends,
Ahhh... fall is coming near. The weather is becoming milder (well, in Florida at this time of year, anything in the 80s is milder), Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.... It is definitely my favorite time of the year, which brings me to one of my many favorite days of the school year: My Johnny Appleseed Traveling Party!

On Apple Day, I don't like to do the traditional activities. Many years ago, I started doing the Johnny Appleseed Traveling Party with my students on Johnny Appleseed's birthday.
I usually set up 5 apple stations. With each station, I have a sign with a state that Johnny Appleseed either resided or lived in.
For this pack, I added 10 activities for differentiated purposes. Some of the activities include:
-Which Apple Do You Like the Best (taste testing different apples and graphing)
-Apple-licious Taste Testing (sample different apple products)
-Apple Oxidation (use different materials to determine whether the apple will turn brown or not)
 -Apple Exploration (use math and science skills to describe your apple)
-Apple Parts (label parts of an apple)
Additional activities included in the pack are:
 -Crockpot Apple Crisp (with a how-to writing to accompany it)
-Apple Eruption (use different ingredients to make an apple volcano)
-Apple Play Doh (students will make apple play doh and complete a sequencing sheet on how they made it)
-Apple Life Cycle Craftivity
-Johnny Appleseed Pot Hat (students will make a pot shaped hat to wear on their head like Johnny Appleseed)

It really helps to have parent volunteers help run the stations; however, I have had years where parental involvement is non-existent. You may choose to do these activities with your students throughout the week or pick some activities that are simple if you don't have any volunteers.

To begin this week, I send home a parent letter asking for donations of certain apple products and for each student to donate an apple of any color. I also ask for volunteers in advance. I have always been very fortunate with having most of my students bring in an apple!
On the day of, I slice the apples 20 minutes before we begin our stations. Our stations last anywhere from 10-15 mins a piece. It runs like a well-oiled machine!
Here are some pictures of our stations in action:


Here is a preview of everything that's included:

And to show my appreciation of my fans, here is a freebie from the pack. This is a "Parts of An Apple Labeling Sheet". I hope you enjoy using it with your students! Click on the picture to download!!
I hope this post has given you some ideas! Have a fun-filled apple week!! :)