Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lots of Fun in Week One and Much to Do in Week Two! :)

Thank you so much for a successful first week. I appreciate all of your support, and we had so much fun together last week! We spent much of the week getting acquainted with new routines and procedures. I was very impressed with all of the students and how quickly they adapted! I can already tell that we will have a wonderful year together.
I hope you saw all of the fun activities we did together last week: The Kissing Hand "I Love You" signed handprint, our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom palm tree cookies, and our Chrysanthemum flowers that the students made based on their names. We also completed a Friendship Unit for Social Studies last week and finished the unit with "Friendship Salad" on Friday. We also learned how to take our weekly tests and reviewed many letter sounds from Kindergarten. We also went over the -at and -an word families in our 1st grade reading series.
There is much to look forward to this week!! We are beginning centers on Monday. Everyone will receive their 1st homework packet on Monday(please have them turn it in on Friday morning!)
Our skills that we are learning this week are:
Reading- more short a word families (-ad, -ack)
Language Arts- word order
Math- Addition to 10 (ways to make 6, 7, 8, 9); also how to write an addition sentence.
Science- What a Scientist Does, Science Tools
Social Studies- Families and Communities

Remember to keep checking back every week! I will update this every Monday. I hope to add some pictures in the near future of what we are doing in class.
Have a fantastic week!!!