Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Fabulous Blogger Friday!!

Happy Friday Friends,

What a happy Friday it is!! I finally got a paycheck and it's a long weekend. I tell ya, I couldn't be happier!!! 
My firsties and I are adjusting to life in first grade. I gave them their first tests today and they really did great considering they haven't taken paper/pencil tests before.
Well, being Friday, you know that it's time for another edition of Fabulous Blogger Friday. Today I'm featuring...
 Heidi from...

Grade or Subject You Teach?  
  Kindergarten (This is my 6th year in this grade)

What inspired you to become a teacher? 
 I had a 2nd grade teacher I had named Mrs. Law. She supported me and helped me when other kids were bullying me because of my red hair.
Describe your teaching "personality": 
I am a energetic, fun-loving teacher. I like to dance and sing with the kids.
What is your favorite subject to teach? 
Reading is my favorite subject. I love using different voices for each character.

What made you decide to begin blogging? 
 I was blogstalking (who doesn't) and then I realized I could also contribute some ideas. You are all amazing teachers and I want to strive to become as great as you all are.

If you could give one piece of advice to your fellow teachers & bloggers, what would it be?  
Keep up the good work! I think we are one of the most under appreciated proffessions out there (money wise). Did you know that Vietnam pays their teachers close to what they pay Doctors? They think that we are the best and without us where would the President, Senators, Mayors, Doctors be? We may be teaching a future President! Keep sharing and remember you are great and we should all give shout outs to our fellow teachers for all that you do.

Finish this sentence: You know you're a teacher when... 
on your first day out you make a list of what to do for school and print our Scholastic books you bought!

Any personal links you would like to share with readers (TPT, TN, Pinterest, Etsy)?
 I am on Pinterest (Heidi) It has yellow flowers :)

Heidi would also like to share her sub plans with you. Here's the link if you want to download them:

A big thank you to Heidi for letting me feature her!! If you would like to participate in Fabulous Blogger Friday, please email me at

Until the next time!!,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giveaway Shout Out and Many Things to Come!

Hiya Friends, Lisa here!

I'm stopping by to give a quick shout out for my friend Tonya over at Tonya's Treats for Teachers. I'm participating in her MEGA 500 follower giveaway!
Stop by & check it out!! There are so many amazing things that she is giving away- you won't believe your eyes!! 

I have so many things to blog about, but I just can't seem to find the time lately! I want to talk about my daily calendar math folders, anti bullying programs, science activities, freebies, and the list goes on. I promise that I will get back on track. Please bear with me friends!! :) I haven't even had time to work on my new TPT projects. Is anybody else finding it challenging to work on anything for Teachers Pay Teachers with the beginning of the school year here?

Until the next time!, 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Some of My Favorite Back to School Books!

Happy Monday Friends!,

Does this back to school exhaustion ever end? I have to keep reminding myself that these sweet firsties I have are still technically kindergarteners at heart. :) They are oh so sweet & full of energy! 

Today I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share my favorite back to school books and a giveaway!

If you link up your favorite books, you can win $50 from the Clever School Teacher. Here's what you need to do:
1. Link up your favorite back to school books with Blog Hoppin'. 

2. Link up your blog post, not just URL

3. Display the graphic above in your post.

Sharing back to school books is one of my favorite things about back to school time. I love that I can pull these favorites off of my bookshelf to share with my students.
1. The Kissing Hand
I love the sweetness of "The Kissing Hand". It is such a heartwarming story about the emotions of going to school.
2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Even though all of my students have heard "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" by the time they reach me in 1st grade, my students love to hear it again. We do a lot of our letters & sounds review through this book.
3. Chrysanthemum
Any book by Kevin Henkes is awesome in my book. I love to use this book to remind my students that we are all unique in our own way and the importance of accepting each other for who we are.
4. Officer Buckle and Gloria
This is my absolute favorite book for going over school rules and safety. My students absolutely loved this book when I read it last week!! :)

5. How I Became a Pirate
You may be thinking, what does this have to do with back to school time? If you know me, you know I love pirates & that's what my classroom is all about!! I like to share this book with my students as an extra goody for back to school time to get them excited about our pirate themed classroom.

Link up with Blog Hoppin' and share your favorite back to school reads!

Have a great evening!!,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Fabulous Blogger and Some Freebies!!

Hello Sweet Friends,

First week of school...DONE!!! Despite some challenges (the beginning of the school year is always full of them), everything was successful! I love my new firsties and I think they are loving first grade!
Now, if I can get back on to a regular schedule, all will be well. Once again Fabulous Blogger Friday is a day late. I am hopeful that I will get adjusted to a normal schedule again next week. Is anyone else feeling that way?
Here is my Fabulous Blogger for this week!! Welcome Sheree from...
First Grade Fun

Grade or Subject You Teach? The best grade of all- FIRST!!

What inspired you to become a teacher? When I was in first grade many, many, many years ago I had the most amazing teacher in the world named Miss Cox. I wanted to grow up to be just like her. So I followed in her footsteps and became a first grade teacher.

Describe your teaching "personality": I am fun and silly but organized and passionate about teaching.

What is your favorite subject to teach? I LOVE books and I want my kids to gain a love for them too. So reading would have to be my favorite subject to teach.

What made you decide to begin blogging? I started blog stalking and felt guilty about always taking all the great ideas and freebies. So at the beginning of last school year, I decided it was time to start giving back.

If you could give one piece of advice to your fellow teachers & bloggers, what would it be? DON’T get set in your ways! Be willing to try new things, change, and do things differently than you might have before. Be a lifelong learner like you want your students to be. It makes you a better teacher and you won’t get bored!

Finish this sentence: You know you're a teacher when … you collect rocks, books, seeds, shells, leaves, anything you can find while you’re on a vacation. I’m always looking for things I can use in my classroom.

Personal Links: I’d love anyone who would like to follow my blog or TpT and TN shops!
If you haven't seen Sheree's blog, Peterson's Pad, take a ride on over there...

A BIG thanks to Sheree for letting me feature her! If you are interested in being featured for Fabulous Blogger Friday, please email me at

On another note, I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week & Freebie Friday.
 Here are a few freebies from my TPT store that I hope will help you:
This is a before, middle, and after number sense activity!

Here is a sort that will help your students learn those difficult ending blends!

Have a wonderful weekend!!,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday, Exciting News, & a Giveaway!!

Happy Thursday Friends, first week of school is almost over!!! I don't think I have ever been so exhausted in my life. There's not a better time than right now to talk Therapeutic Thursday with Blog Hoppin'. 
Here are some things that I love to do to help relieve the stress:

1. Massage: 
I try every few months or so to go & get a massage. There is nothing more relaxing and releasing than having a massage. I always feel like a brand new person afterwards!

2. The Beach:
Sandy Cay Caribbean beach Wallpaper
 I never truly realized how relaxing the beach was until after I had a child. Now, I enjoy every minute of my sacred beach time. It is so peaceful and quiet!! I usually go with my beach buddy, Michelle, from Mrs. G's Kindergarten in Heels!

3. Pedicures: 
There's nothing better than getting a pedicure after being on my feet day after day, hour after hour!! I always wear sandals, so pedicures are a MUST!!

4. Coffee:
There's nothing like a nice fresh hot cup of coffee to relax me! I love spending my weekend mornings with blogs & coffee. All my stress seems to melt away.

What do you do to keep the stress away? Link up with Blog Hoppin and share it with us!

In other news, I am so excited!! Good Morning America has contacted me & wants to use my classroom pictures as part of a back to school feature!!! I am seriously still in shock & can't believe it!! I will keep you updated about when it will be on, but WOW!! :)

Also Jessica over at Mrs. Stanford's Class is having a mega giveaway for 1000 followers!!
.✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏.
I am giving away my Paragraphs With Pizzazz: September Edition packet!!

Head on over to her blog & check it out!!

I will be back tomorrow with Fabulous Blogger Friday and the last segment of Teacher Week!!

Have a Therapeutic Thursday!!,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I Teach Wednesday...Warning Picture Overload!!!

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends!,

It's Wednesday already!?! I have been so busy with my cute firsties that the week is flying by fast!! I'm back to link up with several people & share some classroom pictures!!

Courtney from Swimming Into Second

Kelly from Beg, Borrow, Steal

and now TBA's Open House Week...
Open House Week
I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share my classroom pictures with you, so here we go. Enjoy the scenic ride!
First is an overall picture of my classroom!! I am just beyond thrilled with how it turned out!!!:

For some closer up pictures, here is my word wall!! I covered it in white paper & layered black border with sparkly red border. :)
Next if you move to the left of the word wall, you will run into my 1 and only bulletin board (yes I only have 1 bulletin board which can be a challenge)...
I purchased Katie Mense's pirate alphabet. I love it!!! 
Next is an adjoining door to my teaching neighbor & teammate. I found a printable for that door saying that you've probably seen all over Pinterest!
Remember how I was saying that I only have 1 bulletin board? This is how I solved that problem this year!:::
I have a chalkboard/whiteboard combo, so I covered the chalkboard with white paper since I never used it & I'm using it as my rules and objectives board! :)

If you continue to turn to the left, there are my classroom rules & rewards hanging on netting.
To the left of this is my bathroom. I decorated it with pirate decals that I found on clearance at Michael's last year!

Continuing to the left, you will see my pirate birthday display hanging from the upper wall.

Next is my pride and Deanna Jump inspired palm tree. I love this tree. I have received so many compliments on it!!
Last is another bulletin board that I created out of fabric due to my lack of BB space. This is where I put up pictures of my students at the beginning of the year!
Below it are all of my class pictures since I've started teaching. It reminds me of all of the children that I've crossed paths with in my teaching career & how lucky I've been to had the pleasure to be their teacher. I just had an old student look at her 1st grade class picture the other day. She was in my first class of students she is going to be a FRESHMAN in high school!!! Yeah, I felt a little old after that. I have her little brother in my class this year & I can remember when mom was pregnant with him. It goes to show you how time flies!!

Well that's about it for today!! I hope you enjoyed my crazy classroom tour! See you tomorrow for more teacher week fun!
Have a great evening!!,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher Week Technology Tip Tuesday: Word Verifications

Happy Tuesday Friends,

I'm back to link up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week & Technology Tip Tuesday!  
I'm reposting an oldie but goodie: How to turn off your word verification when people comment on your blog.
If you are a new blogger, you may not be aware that every time people comment on your blog, you most likely have a word verification come up on your blog where your commenter has to type in a funky code that they can barely read lol. I'm sure many of you have seen it before. Some bloggers prefer to have this to prevent any spam comments, but if you would like to turn this off here is how you do it:
Go to "Settings"
Click on "Posts and Comments"
Where it says "Show Word Verification", select "no".
And voila! No more robot! 

I hope this has been helpful for you! Please join me tomorrow for "Where I Teach Wednesday". I have been dying to show you some of my classroom pictures, so stay tuned... :)
Have a great night friends,

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Must Haves Monday!

Hello my sweet friends,

I DID IT!!...I survived my first day of school!! I am soooo pooped right now and despite some challenges, I'd say my first day back was a success!  Here are some first day pictures of my sweeties:

Today I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Must Haves Monday! 
Here are some of my must haves for the school year! 

1. My Scotch Laminator:

 Let me tell you friends, this saved my behind this year. I was very pressed for time in setting up my classroom & it was fantabulous having this right at my side as I was rushing around setting everything up!!

2. My MOBI:
We don't have interactive whiteboards in my school yet, but I love letting my students use my MOBI for interactive activities in the Activinspire program. My students used the MOBI for some alphabet review on the first day of school today and loved it. They were so engaged in the activity due to the MOBI.

3. Teachers Pay Teachers

TeachersPayTeachers  - Lesson Plans,Teaching Materials and Other Teacher-Created Resources
I am just crazy about Teachers Pay Teachers!! I am in awe of all of the creative projects and games that I have come across for my classroom on this site. There are even so many things that are FREE!! It has definitely become such a wonderful addition to my teaching & I am so thankful that my students can benefit from it.

Well I'd like to stay & chit chat longer, but I'm ready for 9:00! It must be back to school time... :)

Until the next time!,