Monday, July 28, 2014

Finally on the Ball- Monday Made It plus FREEBIES!

Happy Motherload of Monday Made Its!!!
Ok I have a confession to make...I have totally been a SLACKER this summer! :(
Then I had a panic attack this past week! I only have 2 weeks until school is back. Oh boy!
So be prepared for the motherload of Monday Made Its that I am about to bring your way. I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics!

 Keep on reading though, because I have some freebies that are headed your way!
First off, I have been working on classroom décor packs for my friends and myself. I am changing after 5 years of doing a pirate theme to doing a rock star theme. I am so STINKIN' excited!
I created this *editable* rock star themed pack!
Here are a few examples of what I included:
I made this editable sign for my classroom door!
I also created my alphabet line...
I had to have some rock star subway art, so I created these inspirational quotes from famous musicians! I found the frames at IKEA for $1.99 each. They are plastic instead of glass which is perfect for those little classroom accidents!
You can find this & more right HERE!
I also created some *editable* jungle themed décor for my friend!
There is so much that it includes! 170 pages of décor! Here's a sneak peek:
You can see more details about this editable décor pack HERE
Then I did some more creating for my classroom! My colors are pink, black, and white zebra stripes this year. I had the hardest time finding pink caddies this year, when one day...VOILA! There they were at my most favorite store...Target!! :) I created the tags and got some zebra ribbon at Hobby Lobby (another favorite of mine). I wrapped it around the caddy and hot glued it in spots. This is how they came out!
Next up, I worked on table signs for each of my tables. I also found these plastic frames at IKEA (no glass involved ;)) They came in a 2 pack for .99 cents each. You can't beat that price!
Here are the table signs if you are interested in using them. Click HERE for your freebie!!
Next up I bought some Pop Rocks and created a tag that says, "First Grade is Going To Rock!". I also made tags for Pre-K through 5th. This is what the final product looks like:
I would like to share this freebie with you!! Click on the picture below to download this for free!
 Right now, I feel like I'm on a long car ride asking, "Are we there yet?" We are finally nearing the end of this post. There is one more item I created. The new school that I am starting at is big into Reading Counts. I created a Reading Counts clip chart in my theme to track the number of points that my students are earning. As they get to the next level, there will be special prizes that they can earn! I'm excited to implement this!
 Well that's about all I have for you today!! I feel like I accomplished a lot this week, and I have much more to work on for next week!! See you around friends!!


  1. I too was going to use the We will Rock in Kindergarten using Pop Rocks but I went to day to get them and the cheapest I could find them was .89 cents for one pack! with 20 kids I hate to spend $20 just on a welcome token. Did you find a good deal on yours? If so, please share where. Great ideas you have by the way!

  2. Subway art in store says 8x10. Isnt that too large for ikea frames? Interested in set for my frames.