Monday, October 24, 2011

Bats, Spiders, and Pumpkins, oh my!

Hello & Happy Marvelous Monday!,

Can you believe we are almost to the end of October?! Time is just flying by! We have another great week in store for us! Here is a sneak peek of what we are learning this week:

Theme: Singing & Dancing
Story of the Week: The Fun Kids' Band
Spelling Pattern: Short /u/ words (-un, -ut- ,-ug)
Math: Addition to 18
Science: Moon & Stars
Social Studies: Fall/Halloween activities (bats, spiders, pumpkins)

*Report cards go home on Tuesday!! Please sign the envelope and return the envelope back to school the following day! :)

On Friday, we have our annual "Pumpkin Investigations" day! We will complete various pumpkin themed activities, such as making pumpkin butter, investigating whether a pumpkin will sink or float, measuring the circumference of a pumpkin, taste testing pumpkin products (pumpkin pudding, pumpkin pie, etc), and estimating the number of seeds in a pumpkin. It will be a very educational, yet fun experience!!

This week is Red Ribbon Week. There is a schedule of events that we will follow to celebrate:
Tuesday- "Follow Your Dreams. Don't Do Drugs"- Wear your pajamas to school
Wednesday- I'm a "Jean"-ius and I'm Ready to Take a Stand"- Wear your jeans and a red shirt to school.
Thursday- "Sock it to Drugs"- Wear your mismatched, crazy socks to school
Friday- "Team Up to Drugs"- Wear your team jerseys.

Our annual 50th Day of School celebration will be on Wednesday November 2nd. We are asking for students to dress up in "50s attire". We will have a sock hop in the morning and coke floats on Friday. Last week, I sent home a list requesting a certain item needed for the celebration. Please send your item in by Wednesday October 26th so everything is accounted for. I appreciate all your help & contributions.

That's all for now! Have a wonderful week!