Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Apples of My Eye...

Hello to everyone out there in blogging land!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!!! I can't believe this week marks week 6 of first grade. We are moving right along. There are many exciting things going on this week. Here is what we are doing academically:

Reading- Unit 1 Review Week (we are not learning new skills, just reviewing those already learned).
Language Arts- Unit 1 Review
Math- Different Ways to Make 10
Science- More inquiry skills
Social Studies- Johnny Appleseed

Please make sure that your child is studying his/her spelling words on their yellow homework contract every night!!! Many of the words can be difficult, so repetition is important. The same goes for reading nightly! This will benefit your child in the long run.

I am having my conference day on Wednesday. I am required by administration to meet with every parent by November 14th. If you are unable to meet with me on Wednesday, please let me know an alternative day/time, and I will do my absolute best to meet with you then.

We will have our Johnny Appleseed Traveling Party on Friday from 9:30-10:40. I need volunteers to help me run our various centers. So far I only have 2 volunteers & I am in need of 5. Please let me know if you can help!! I am also in need of caramel apple wraps for one of our stations!!! I am very grateful for any assistance you can give.

That's about all for now!! Have a wonderful week!

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